Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership with Ruth Haley Barton

Season 7: Week 7 | Holy Week: Liturgy of the Passion

April 14, 2019

The seasons of the church year are meant to teach us something about the spiritual life we need to learn. In fact, by entering into these seasons we experience the deeper dynamics and rhythms of the spiritual life by walking closely with Jesus and learning from him as we go. In this season of the Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadershippodcast, we are privileged to prepare and walk through the season of Lent together.


Mentioned in this podcast:
Revised Common Lectionary
Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver, Mary-Oliver
An Invitation to Walk with Christ: Stations of the Cross Prayer Guide, Ruth Haley Barton

Exploring Further:
Transforming Resources: Lent Resources
Transforming Community
Ruth Haley Barton

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Lent: Music in Solitude